Valentine day sms

V….is for Valentine ; you are my only Valentine
A… for I will Always be yours
L… for Love at its most extreme
E… for Everlasting love ; Ecstatic love.
N… for Never-ending love
T… for we will Always be Together forever
I… for you being Intelligent and Innocent;
N….is 4 Natures naughty way of saying I luv you to
E… for Eternity our love is so ever lasting .

When time comes for u to give ur
heart to someone make sure u select
someone who will never break ur heart
cuz broken hearts has never spare parts

I love so much my heart is sure,
As time goes on I love you more,
Your happy smile,Your loving face
No one will ever take your place

If flowers were dreams that would last for ever,
I would pick the most beautiful ones to send to you my LOVE.

Life ends when you stop dreaming,
hope ends when you stop believing
and love ends when you stop caring
So dream hope and love
Makes Life Beautiful

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