Late Night sms - Good night Sms

Charon taraf hai faili moonlite,machhar bhi dene ko betaab hain tumhe lovebite,takiya gale laga ke sone ka tite.Are yaar bole to woh sweet dreams wali gud nite!

As night falls upon the land"
it is time to Zz again.
With the moon hangin in the starlit sky
i'm here to wish U GoodNight!

The love we shared will see you through,
Hold on with all your might,
To all the faith and love we shared
For this is just Good-Night.

Before you retire
And go to bed tonight
Go outside and take a look
At the stars so bright.
Good Night

Hi Moon,
My friend is going to sleep.
Tell to ur's brother sun to raise
Tomorrow late becoz my friend wants More relaax.
Good Night

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